Tweeting When It Matters

Twitter is a shorter format social media platform which has 330 million monthly active users. This 280 characters social media platform is widely used for news and opinions in a brief way. Business finds twitter to be the go-to place for its interactions with its audience. Just like other social media platforms, twitter’s algorithm considers timeliness as an important factor in a post's visibility. And Businesses surely do not want to get lost among the huge crowd who wants to grab the audience's attention.

Unlike other Social Media Applications like Instagram where users scroll for around 18 minutes in a day, Twitter users only scroll for 3.39 minutes in a session and thus provide a very small window of time to grab their attention. In that case, it gets extremely important that the timing of the post is given enough thought. A complete and comprehensive twitter strategy must be laid out for the entire week in advance so that discipline of timing could be honored.

Since Twitter has become the go-to place to share ideas and thoughts in the most innovative way possible, more and more businesses strive to be on top of the feed of their audience.


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